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Ways To Utilize Call Centre Management System for Restaurant


There are a bunch of good reasons why restaurant call centres are gaining popularity. These include allowing the staff to have time to focus on the customer dining experience and letting the restaurant workers manage their time effectively. When you get a call centre management system for restaurant, it can help in these aspects:

  • Online orders
  • Taking reservations
  • Catering requests
  • Special occasion reservations
  • Drive-thru orders

These benefits help to save a lot of cost for the restaurants, particularly the ones that are just a start-up. This article will tell you about the ways in which you can utilize a call centre management system for your restaurant. 


Ways In Which Call Centre Management System For Restaurants Helps


1 – Take Calls For Restaurant Orders


Online food ordering is becoming more and more popular these days, with an increase in the market for delivery and takeaway increasing up to 13% in the past several years. Restaurant online ordering saves money as the restaurant needs fewer people on-site and thus enhances the guest experience. But many people don’t prefer takeaway orders as they are not very confident about technology. 

Cann centre management system for restaurants helps in this regard as people get assurance when they can chat and talk to a real person. They get the confirmation that the restaurant will handle their request and their order is accurate. 

But sometimes, orders go wrong when they travel from the customer’s phone to the restaurant’s servers and then to the customer’s delivery location. This is also the place where Call Centre Management helps as answering live voice and taking orders is very comforting and accurate for the people customers and restaurants. 


2 – Calls For Drive-Thru Orders


A lot of customers use drive-thru ordering because of its convenience and popularity. But it can sometimes prove costly and time-consuming for the restaurants. Call centres offer these benefits for drive-thru ordering:

  • Order-taking via phone: When outsourcing call centre agents, they take orders over the phone and then they transfer these orders accurately to the restaurant staff. These agents don’t have to be in the restaurant, so it lets the in-house staff focus on other things, such as serving customers and preparing food. 
  • Using technology for voice recognition: A lot of call centres come equipped with voice recognition technology when taking orders over the phone. This improves the accuracy of orders and reduces the time of order-taking. 
  • Using mobile apps for ordering: Call centres sometimes integrate mobile apps for food ordering, thus enabling the customers to place orders ahead of time. This improves customer experience and reduces the time for order-taking. 

Furthermore, you need to pay less to call centre agents as compared to in-house staff. But they streamline the food ordering process and reduce your hassle as a restaurant manager. 


3 – Take Reservations For The Restaurant


The following are some ways that call centers enhance the client experience:

  • Providing individualized customer service: Patrons can select the ideal table for their gathering, place special requests, and acquire information about the food and restaurant.
  • Customer convenience: Reservations can be made online, over the phone, or through a mobile app at any time of day or night.
  • Accurate reservations: Call centre agents note down all the necessary information and transfer it to the concerned department.
  • Flexibility: Call center agents offer flexibility for rescheduling reservations, or reserving a table for a bigger party as was planned at the start.

4 – Catering Orders At The Restaurant


Call centres improve customer orders by helping with restaurant catering in the following ways:

  • Note down orders: Take note of the descending orders: The call center agents can take orders online, over the phone, or through a mobile app, among other methods. This gives the in-house workers more time to concentrate on other duties, like serving clients and making food.
  • Answering queries: Whenever the customer has a question, call centre agents are there to answer these questions about delivery, setup, pricing, and menu. Customers can then make better decisions about their catering orders.
  • Personalized service: Customers can create a custom catering menu with the help of call centre agents to meet their budget and specific needs. The customers can also make special requests and coordinate their delivery and setup with the restaurant managers. 


Future Of Restaurant Management: Call Center Management System For Restaurant

There are many ways in which your restaurant can benefit from outsourcing a call centre management system for a restaurant. This includes improving efficiency and providing better customer service. The staff is free enough to focus on other important tasks, while the call centres provide 24/7 customer support. People get answers to their questions book tables and make reservations with confidence and accuracy. Choose Cherryberry RMS for your restaurant and make things better for your restaurant!