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CherryBerry RMS is the most advanced foodie platform of the 21st century that offers future-ready Restaurant App Development Solutions for eateries to streamline food-ordering processes. Our innovative solutions allow restaurateurs to expand their reach to food lovers with a strong online presence, provide top-notch customer service experience through their dream restaurant app and manage food orders and payments at their fingertips! We ensure your restaurant stay adapts to changing customer expectations, the latest trends of the hospitality industry and operational challenges to thrive in a highly competitive market! Grow your restaurant business faster in the digital era and offer a seamless user experience with secure payments, digitized menu, faster checkouts, quick delivery, a user-friendly interface, live food tracking and other robust functionalities!

Cloud Based Restaurant Management System


Social Media Marketing

Firmly combined with Facebook , extremely solid platform for restaurant showcasing.


IVR Marketing

Through our call place application eatery can promote their arrangements on each approaching calls just by essentially recording a message and transfer on the framework, also they can begin IVR Marketing effort by recording their voice message for the clients and framework will naturally begin dialing to the clients of the restaurants. Which will be extremely simple and bother free for any restaurant to work.


SMS Marketing

CherryBerry RMS offers personalized marketing SMS to boost customer engagement and loyalty. Being offered at nominal rates, SMS marketing nurtures customer relationships and increases repeat business resulting in improved sales of your restaurant. This provides a direct and personal approach with which you can send timely promotions, special offers, and event announcements directly to customers' mobile phones. This is a type of instant communication whereby you can target specific customer groups based on their preferences. In this digital age, SMS marketing is a cost-effective and impactful strategy. Additionally, it can adapt to the changing preferences of your target customers, thus proving to be an essential component of modern marketing strategies

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Restaurant Call Center

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