Restaurant Kitchen Management

Kitchen Order Management System

At times when customers are not fully satisfied with the service provided by the Restaurant, the main reason behind it is the mis-management of the kitchen. The way orders are placed and coordinated is manual which in turn increases possibility of errors. CherryBerry RMS is smartly providing a solution to this issue by the automating the Kitchen Order Management System. This Restaurant Kitchen Software also called as Restaurant Kitchen Management System that is included in our suit of Restaurant Management System. Upon receiving orders from the customers, the manager dispatches the order to the kitchen. Our Restaurant Kitchen Management System is designed to specifically highlight any orders that are missed during the dispatch procedure. Our Kitchen Management Software is designed to ensure that customers receive every update regarding the status of their order

Manages the inventory and cooking processes

Cherry Berry RMS offers a convenient and reliable Restaurant Kitchen management System that makes things easier for restaurant owners. Cherry Berry RMS also provides a user-friendly and dependable Restaurant Kitchen Display System. The menu management tool enables the restaurant software to customize and automatically place stock orders. It will notify you when some food items are out of stock or they have a changed price. The menu planning and cooking processes are according to the response for the current menu items, inventory availability, and the staff available for the day.

Manage your kitchen from anywhere

With CherryberryRMS Restaurant Kitchen Management System, restaurant owners can easily manage multiple restaurant kitchens and stay updated no matter where they are. The system comes with technology to manage stores and even analyze real-time data. You will always stay updated about the restaurant’s productivity, order history, sales, and wait times. This enables you to adjust processes or menus instantly.

Streamlines the kitchen workflow

CherryberryRMS offers a Restaurant Kitchen Management System that manges the kitchen, orders coming in, inventory, menu and much more. 

Why Choose Us?

Speedy Order Delivery

The Restaurant Kitchen Management System enables speedy food order delivery by streamlining the kitchen workflow

Accessibility and Ease of Use

Analyze and access kitchen data anytime and from anywhere

Inventory Management

You will never run out of stock or lack an ingredient as the kitchen management system keeps track of the inventory

Effienclty Track Food Orders

During mealtime rushes, the order tickets can easily get lost, and gaps in communication between front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house staff can cause delays. A Restaurant Management System helps track food orders and enables smooth communication.

Inventory Management

The Restaurant Kitchen Management System comes with functionality to keep a record of things coming in and going out of the inventory. This way, your restaurant will never run short of any ingredients as you would order the items on time.

Menu Planning

With the Restaurant Kitchen Management System, you can easily plan menus and distribute them all over the place. You exactly know how many ingredients you have and the exact number of available staff at all times.

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