Rider App

Reach More People with Restaurant Rider App Development

Many people are not able to enjoy the food your restaurant offers because they cannot travel to your restaurant. But when you have a team of riders and a restaurant rider app development, people can easily and conveniently place orders and get their beloved food at their homes. 

Track Every Order and Every Rider in Real-Time

CherryberryRMS offers Rrider App Development that enables real-time tracking from both ends. The customers can track the rider and know where their food has reached and the restaurant managers can know where the rider is, to determine when they will be back to the restaurant. The riders can contact the customers through the restaurant number in case they face any difficulty while delivering the order.

Rider – A Seamless Logistics Solution

Cherry Berry RMS is also going to provide an app to riders in which they will be able to see their delivery plan; also, they will be able to dial to the customer through restaurant number to resolve any query regarding direction or order delivery. Also, restaurant management will be able to see the live location of their riders as well as customers & monitor their order and know when it is going to reach them.

The Restaurant Rider App development makes order delivery transparent

CherryberryRMS offers a Restaurant Rider App Development that expands your restaurant and increases the number of customers by making food delivery a digital and transparent process.

Why Choose Us?

Real-Time Tracking

Our Restaurant Rider App Development enables real-time tracking of orders and riders from anywhere and at any time

Convenient and Reliable Service

Our Rider App offers multiple payment options and convenient service on which you can rely and stay well aware of everything

Things On The Fingertips

Our Rider app synchs with the POS system and other digital systems of the restaurant. This makes everything digital and you can perform business operations from anywhere

Riders can check the delivery plan

A Restaurant Rider App development lets the riders know how many orders they have to deliver, the appropriate routes, and which orders need to be prioritized. This enables efficient and on-time order delivery. The riders can also contact the customers in case they face any difficulty in order delivery.

Order tracking for customers

The Restaurant Rider App Development lets the customer see their orders in real-time, know where the rider is and determine how much they will have to wait for their food. This improves the customer experience and more people choose your restaurant.

Rider tracking in real-time

The restaurant managers can track the location of their orders in real time from anywhere and at any time. This helps them determine the efficiency of their particular rider and how long it will take to return to the restaurant.