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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Restaurant Delivery Fleet


More and more people choose to order food at home these days instead of going to a restaurant. On-site delivery is a revolutionizing idea in the business landscape, that’s why you should be considering a restaurant delivery fleet for your food business. Having an independent fleet of delivery riders takes away a lot of your worries. 


Reasons To Have Restaurant Delivery Fleet


Let’s discuss 5 reasons why having an in-house delivery fleet is going to help your restaurant. 


1 – You Can Control The Deliveries


Customer experience is that factor that always stays on top of the positive end of the spectrum. No matter what you are delivering, all you need is happy and satisfied customers. You can keep your customers happy if you are in charge of the delivery.
To make sure that a food delivery doesn’t become cold, for example, you make a schedule. Alternatively, you don’t wait an hour to bring groceries to a customer’s house. The routes for delivery are completely within your control. You can do this by using the route that Google Maps has optimized. It lets you select the delivery track that is the shortest. You will receive greater customer experience feedback the faster you provide. Positive ratings are really important for your business.


2 – Better Relationship With The Clients


You provide superior customer service when you are in charge of your delivery since you are always informed. Consumers don’t enjoy being in the dark. For example, you have no control over their itinerary if you choose a third-party carting service. If a consumer calls and asks where they are, you have to guess a lot or stay in the dark.
However, managing clients becomes simple when you have a fleet. When they inquire as to where the handler is, you are prepared with a response. Even if they abruptly shift their location, you still provide for them. Better yet, a consumer can track their delivery via a real-time location link. When you combine all of this, you can better serve your clients and feel satisfied.


3 – Solve Complaints With Restaurant Delivery Fleet


It is erroneous to humans. Since nobody is flawless, errors will inevitably occur from time to time. The good news is that you are in charge and can quickly handle the situation. Food that has gone cold, spills, or being late could be the cause. Unlike dealing with a third-party handler, when you are at the mercy of their errors, you resolve the issue with your team in a decisive manner. For example, there can be a road blockage preventing food delivery from that route. The restaurant delivery fleet can change the route and deliver the food items on time. 


4 – You Are The Brand Ambassador For Yourself


Using your delivery fleet to represent your company as a brand ambassador will get you one step closer to success. It solidifies patronage. You have the chance to market your brand through the clothes your delivery staff wears when you have your own fleet. It may be an automobile with your company’s logo, a reflector jacket, or a t-shirt.


5 – Expanding Business


Having command of your fleet provides you with an immediate chance to examine market data. By encouraging staff members, you can leverage the average delivery time data you have to expand your firm. Additionally, you can see what and when clients order more with this special data. Having this data facilitates the making of more important company decisions.
You should consider having your own delivery fleet if you are a restaurant owner and want to expand your business. Long-lasting businesses are the ones that have more loyal customers.  Additionally, if you understand the things that your customers consider the most important, you can easily manage and grow their loyalty. With a home delivery team, you can reach more people, even those who cannot come to the restaurant for a dine-in experience. This includes busy people and those with disabilities. You can deliver their food to their homes and they don’t need to be at the restaurant. 


Choosing The Best Restaurant Delivery Fleet


If you are running a restaurant that needs delivery people for your restaurant, or looking for a way to manage them, then you will find a solution to your problem here. Cherryberry RMS comes with the best software solution to look after your Restaurant Delivery fleet, set schedules, and much more. You can choose how many people are in your delivery fleet, set up schedules for them, and look into their delivery routes. The delivery fleet can also have insights about how many deliveries they need to do, which route could be the best for them, and any suggestions from the customers. The customers can contact the delivery person and inform them about any change of plans or location. This way, such a system makes things easier for all people in the food delivery process.