Restaurant Back Office

Cherryberry RMS provides Restaurant Back Office Software to run the back office operations that include Accounting, Inventory, and Procurement and Payroll modules. Cherryberry RMS application suite is carefully coupled with each other to help prevent operations mismanagement that would ultimately result in an increased profit for the restaurant. With Cherryberry RMS you can now manage multiple chains of restaurants from your fingertips and receive complete information on every particular branch. The Restaurant Back Office Software eliminates the need for the restaurant to have several different systems in the back office, such as inventory, accounting, recipe costing, reporting, and payroll.

Gain Insights With Restaurant Back Office Software

Gain efficiency in ordering, food prep and invoicing with Restaurant Back Office Software. It comes with support for consolidated ordering and a central kitchen. The integrated prediction tools help to calculate future guest counts, product mixes and sales amount. You get the real-time costs of food items depending on their current pricing, first-out and first-in usage. There is visibility for reporting, cash management, purchasing, inventory and receipt management. Consolidated reports tell about per cent of sales and labour time cost. Build your own reports from anywhere and anytime to analyze sales, the most trending products and the products that shouldn’t be on the menu. It comes with interactive and easy-to-read schedules and employees can get access to notifications and a mobile scheduling system.

All Your Information At One Place With Restaurant Back Office Software

The restaurant back office software eliminates the need to have different systems to manage recipe costing, accounting, inventory, reporting, payroll and paying your vendors. Instead, it integrates all the systems into a single software solution. It provides accurate and real-time reports which you can access anytime and no matter where you are, enabling you to make better decisions for your restaurant. When all your information is in the same place, it saves a lot of your and your employee’s time. Whenever you make a change in data on one system, it is synched across all the systems.

Ease Your Burden With Restaurant Back Office Software

CherryberryRMS offers smart restaurant back office software specifically designed for restaurants to integrate many functionalities in a single place. This takes away a lot of your burden as you don’t have to manage many different functions. 

Why Choose Us?

Accessibility and ease of use​

The Online Ordering Apps for Restaurants are easy-to-use and accessible from anywhere

Suitability for all restaurant needs​

Restaurant Online Ordering Apps are designed both for mobile and as a web applications

Food ordering made easy​

These apps automate the restaurant ordering process and facilitate the customers

Easy-to-use interface

Cherryberry RMS provides a fully automated Cloud based POS System to Restaurants enabling them to carry out sales in a very simple and efficient manner. No Complex Installations! No System Maintenance!

Quick and Synchronous Updates

On the online app, you can change the order in the blink of an eye, and the users instantly know these updates. Easy and efficient apps are the new era of food businesses!

Easier Advertisement through Apps

You can easily send promotional messages to people using your mobile phone and web applications. The customers can also know about the special deals and discounts available at your restaurant.

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