Restaurant Call Center

The Restaurant Call Center never lets you miss even a single call

Many restaurants lose a lot of customers because their staff is busy with other chores and cannot pick up calls. A restaurant call center offers a solution for this and always lets your restaurant take advantage of every opportunity for revenue. The restaurant staff can keep their focus on other assigned tasks, thus always staying focused on picking up a call on a busy day.

Increase the operational efficiency of the restaurant

CherryberryRMS offers a restaurant call center that ensures that every customer calling the restaurant is attended to in the best way. It would not just be picking up calls but will help with better organization of the restaurant reservations, takeout orders, and delivery requests. These orders are directly entered into the cloud-based POS system and transmitted across the restaurant to the kitchen, where the order needs to be processed.

The Restaurant Call Center Solution that puts you in-charge everywhere

With the Restaurant Call Center of CherryberryRMS, you can be in control of the order-taking process and deliver the orders to the concerned department, no matter where you are. This call center solution is specifically designed for restaurants and some benefits it offers are:

Why Choose Us?

Better Customer Service

CherryberryRMS offers improved customer service and better customer satisfaction rates

Higher Flexibility and Full-Time Availibilty

This system is highly flexible, offering 24-hour service for 7 days a week

Faster Services

Better restaurant management with speedier order-taking and delivery process

Customer Care

The Product Suite of CherryberryRMS includes an easy-to-reach Customer Care Center. Every customer goes attended with our professional and friendly customer service specialist.

Added CRM Data Support

Cherryberry RMS System Restaurant Call Centres are integrated with Restaurants' CRM data. This makes it possible for the registered customers to resolve their issues instantly without any delay.

Placing Order Over Phone

Our Restaurant Call Centre Systems are efficiently linked with the restaurant’s Point of Sales. Therefore, multiple customers can place their orders at the same time, without the need to stand in waiting queues. The flow of orders and deliveries becomes smooth as the system is synchronized to the Restaurants PoS system.

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