Table Reservation System

Table Reservation System

Nowadays, everything is open round the clock and is available in a few clicks. Technology has gone beyond playing songs and shopping online as transition from offline to online have eased everything. Online booking system isn’t only limited to the travel industry because customers can buy concert tickets, make table reservations for dinners and even place orders via online ordering apps. Following the trend, the restaurant industry has adapted an online Table Reservation System to satisfy customers’ needs and increase their sales data. Table reservation can be made through Table Booking App or a restaurant website. Online Table Booking System increases the system efficiency, improves guest experience and enhances productivity. 

Online Table Booking System Cherry Berry RMS

Today’s tech savvy generation spends more than 40 hours a week on smartphones that has also increased the demand of Online Reservation System. Meanwhile, this technology is helping restaurateurs to take advantage of online reservation systems and increase their productivity. Here are a few key benefits of the Table Reservation System for customers and restaurants.

Reduce Risk of Human Error

Reservation orders via calls during the peak hours in the restaurant can mess up the things. As waitstaff is busy in serving the current customers, chances are higher of having a mistake while noting down the reservation details. However, Best Restaurant Reservation Software keeps the record of customer’s bookings in real-time and allows the restaurant administration to deal the queries soon to prevent issues. Even if the customers cancel their reservation before arrival, restaurant owners can allocate this to someone else to reduce the chances of no-shows.

Online Reservation System Cherry Berry RMS

Offer User-friendly Solution

Customers can easily book their table online via app before their arrival and they no longer need to wait in the queue for reservation. Another interesting feature of online reservation is that customers will immediately know if no seats will be available in their favorite restaurant so they can book their reservation somewhere else. They can also cancel their reservation in a certain period of time. Restaurant administration can easily manage the online orders and inventory.

Help Restaurant Staff to Focus on Guests

Online booking system has made the task delivery easy for restaurant staff and they can better focus on guests at hand. They can deliver the best services to present customers and no ringing phones will distract their attention. Restaurant administration can predict the rush hours and arrange the staffing to provide exceptional services.

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Reduces the Chances of No-Shows

Customers can cancel their reservation online within a stipulated period of time that reduces the number of no-shows and food wastages. They can do it within a few clicks to notify the staff about cancellation of a reserved table so staff can allocate the table for another booking or can facilitate walk-ins.

Provide Customers Information

Online Table Booking System provides all the customers valuable information such as name, contact number, email address and food preferences. All this information is stored in an online database and can be accessed anytime for promotional deals.

Briefly, online reservation systems are an important perk of technology for restaurants’ progress. Cherry Berry RMS offers right solutions to Restaurateurs so they can stand prominently in the competitive curve.