Online Ordering App for Restaurants

How our Online Ordering App for Restaurants Boosts Sales


Although dining in is once again widely accessible in many nations, foodies haven’t hurried to give up their “next normal.” An Online Ordering App for Restaurants is the future for your restaurant. 

Does your restaurant already have these apps? Are you trying to find other methods to use delivery to increase sales? Or are you just now launching your restaurant’s mobile app? In any case, here’s how to use CherryBerry RMS’s ordering app to increase restaurant sales.

Why a Restaurant’s Mobile App Directly Leads to Higher Sales


When a restaurateur initially considers offering online delivery, they primarily take into account two options:

  • Establishing a link between their restaurant and an outside delivery service
  • Releasing a mobile app of their own

Would it be possible to forego either choice in favour of, say, a website? An app will help you increase online orders even more, even though your restaurant’s website should also accept orders.
Additionally, since you and your team can oversee all marketing messages, accepting orders via your own mobile app is preferable from the perspective of restaurant marketers. You get to experiment with messaging flows, include more relevant channels, and target your offers at certain audience groups rather than waiting for an incentive that an aggregator comes up with.

Here are some of the top-performing methods and techniques your marketing team should attempt if you’re serious about using our mobile app to serve your restaurant’s patrons.


Ways to Increase Sales by Using an Online Ordering App for Restaurants


1 – Get Users Engaged to Boost the Quantity of First Orders


When a freshly acquired user does a significant activity that gets them closer to appreciating its worth, it’s known as activation. Sometimes you only need to do one of these things to win over a user’s heart. In other situations, such as restaurant delivery, it requires several successful orders to demonstrate consistently excellent service and win over a client.

Because of this, a restaurant delivery service may give a discount on several first orders in addition to a promo code for the initial order. 


2 – Reducing the Abandoning of Carts


Abandoned carts are a terrible thing in restaurant delivery applications, much as in e-commerce. Fortunately, by reminding consumers of what they’ve left in the cart, you can prevent incomplete orders while learning how to increase restaurant sales. If you have access to this information, add a dash of personalisation by calling a client by their first name or reminding them of the items they have put in the basket. By doing this, you’ll have a better chance of turning a hungry user into a paying client.


3 – Upsell


When restaurants start taking orders via a mobile app, they usually see an increase in the average order value. One of the reasons is that there are plenty of upselling chances with applications. You might examine the menu at your restaurant and come up with ideas for pertinent additions as a marketer. It’s true that a delicious burger tastes much better with fries and that finishing a comfort food order with a milkshake makes it feel even more fulfilling.

What a fantastic opportunity to boost sales and give clients even more satisfaction!


4 – Use Geo-Based Push Alerts to Increase Foot Traffic


If the customers have permitted you to access their location, you may use a mobile app to extend an invitation to individuals who are currently in the vicinity of your restaurant. Send those people who are walking by a geotargeted push message with an enticing offer.


5 – Provide Customised Offers to Increase Income from Secondary Spending


One of the best things about using a mobile app for offer promotion is that you can run customer-specific campaigns.
Requirement: After tracking your customers’ orders for some time, you are now able to examine them to generate more behaviour-based, pertinent ideas for restaurant promotions. 

To keep clients coming back to your restaurant, you may, for instance, remind them of their favorite dishes if they haven’t enjoyed their meals in a while. Once more, a small amount of customization might blossom into a larger order! In addition to referencing their previous behavior, include their name and an enticing picture of one of your dishes to pique their interest and create a want. Better yet: make them unable to refuse by adding a customised discount on their subsequent buy!


6 – Entertainment Engagement: Plan Promotional Events Around Significant Dates


This method necessitates a thorough comprehension of your client’s values.

If they are interested in football, they won’t miss the upcoming qualifying match. Additionally, there need to be some refreshments available at the table throughout the game, which you’ll be more than pleased to bring by the time the national anthems begin. Let’s say that music enthusiasts make up your audience instead. If yes, you could wish to schedule your offer for the following song competition or well-known event. Increased sales and positive connections with your brand will be your rewards.
To ensure you don’t miss a marketing chance, keep track of all the major food-related events that take place throughout the year.


7 – Introduce a Loyalty Scheme and Encourage Recommendations


Loyalty awards benefit both parties: you keep your paying audience and even have the opportunity to reduce the costs associated with bringing in new consumers, while your customers benefit from occasional great discounts. Discover how to increase restaurant sales by encouraging your patrons to tell their friends about your Online Ordering App for Restaurants. You may anticipate more sales the more foodies learn about you!

This is an easy approach to making money from both your online and offline audiences.


8 – Make a Subscription Announcement


You might believe that an app for a restaurant cannot be any different from subscriptions. Nonetheless, the notion could appeal to the generation who grew up with Netflix and Spotify.

Give a brief description of the primary benefits of your restaurant meal subscription and receive what is perhaps the most clickable push notice ever!


9 – Use the Click & Collect Option to Enhance the Consumer Experience


Give your mobile app the option to accept preorders or takeout orders. Spread the word about it liberally across all of your available avenues of communication.

Combine this with online payments to further streamline the buying process and maintain extremely high client satisfaction.


10 – Offer Online Ordering as a Substitute for Dining During Busy Times


Get even more at busy times without sacrificing the quality of the client experience.

Encourage clients to use your mobile app to place orders rather than come into your location. They will perceive this as a gesture of kindness if you convey it clearly, which will enhance the reputation of your business over time.


11 – Allow Users of your Mobile App to Make Reservations for Tables


By including a table-booking function in your app, you may fill vacant seats without requiring patrons to make restaurant reservations. Give customers the ability to quickly reserve a table using an intuitive mobile widget.


12 – Offer Goods and Meal Plans in Addition to Prepared Meals


The growing popularity of “back to stores” among consumers hasn’t diminished their fondness for online shopping. Grocery shopping is no different. If consumers are prepared to purchase common grocery brands online, just think of the delight your food enthusiasts would have if you gave them the choice to purchase their preferred dressings, sauces, and meal-prep kits!

Using the mobile app for your restaurant, you have still another way to increase sales.




Your marketing staff can feel overburdened by the task of understanding how to increase restaurant sales with so many strategies to attempt. Help customers by deciding on the best channels for communication, or even better, begin by creating an omnichannel strategy based on a dependable platform for consumer involvement. Build stronger relationships with your clients, draw them in with your offers, and draw in additional app users until you have a devoted following. CherryBerry RMS is here to offer an Online Ordering App for Restaurants to take your restaurant to the next level!