Restaurant Delivery Rider App Lahore, Pakistan

Reasons to Choose our Restaurant Delivery Rider App 


Never before have on-demand meal delivery services gained such popularity, but it is understandable. They benefit every stakeholder involved. Restaurants get more sales and profit as customers get meals delivered right to their door using the Restaurant Delivery Rider App Lahore, Pakistan.
Restaurants that had not previously provided delivery services are now considering joining the on-demand delivery industry. If so, continue reading to find out more about the many kinds of restaurant ordering apps and their salient characteristics. Let’s start by discussing the benefits of choosing CherryBerry RMS’s delivery rider app for your restaurant.


Why is Getting Your Restaurant Delivery Rider App From CherryBerry RMS the Best Option?


You may be wondering whether it’s worthwhile to develop your own Restaurant Delivery Rider App Lahore, Pakistan given the abundance of third-party restaurant ordering options available. We at CherryBerry RMS think that the ideal strategy for restaurants is bespoke app development. Why?

  • Commission from a third party: Restaurants pay a commission fee of between 15–30% to most third-party delivery services for their deliveries. Your budget will be severely impacted, particularly if you want to collaborate with many outside delivery companies.
  • The potential for customers to go away: Customers using third-party delivery services are more likely to utilise an online restaurant delivery service that offers the greatest selection of nearby restaurants because they are more concerned with convenience than with loyalty. Furthermore, third-party companies frequently have an excessive number of orders, which delays delivery. As a result, clients can be dissatisfied and deterred from placing orders. However, you have more control over the calibre of the food and customer service provided if you assign delivery duties to internal staff.
  • Lack of outside delivery services in your region. In your location, certain third-party players might not offer their services.
  • Little information on customers. You cannot perform analytics and obtain useful insights into how to enhance client loyalty and service when you collaborate with a third-party player as you do not own your customer data.

Due to these and other issues, restaurant owners are starting their own meal delivery businesses. They may increase delivery speed, guarantee client loyalty, compete with rivals, and please clients by doing this.


Features of our Restaurant Delivery Rider App


Making a feature list for your food delivery app is the next step after deciding to develop it.

Everybody who is involved—from the customer making the order to the restaurant processing it to the delivery service processing it and maybe delivering it—needs the same software and interface to function. This implies that only one solution can satisfy the diverse requirements of every stakeholder, which is CherryBerry RMS. In the event of a new delivery business, customers should only be able to see the order placement portion of the app, restaurants should only be able to view orders that have been placed, and delivery fulfilment should only be able to see when an order is prepared for pickup or delivery.

There are two methods CherryBerry RMS uses to go about this:

  • Developing three distinct applications—a restaurant app, a courier/driver app, and a consumer app—each concentrating on a different stakeholder. For each, you can select branding that is the same or comparable.
  • Creating a single application with distinct logins for customers, drivers, and couriers.

For either approach, a strong design and structure are necessary, along with consideration for all stakeholders and the development of the app or apps and interface to meet their needs. Depending on how much information has to be communicated amongst stakeholders, the app’s complexity will rise and have an impact on how it should be designed.
Now, let’s take a minute to go over the features CherryBerry offers in its Restaurant Delivery Rider App Lahore, Pakistan for patrons, eateries, and delivery services. 


Features of our Food Delivery Apps for Customers


All of the following characteristics are present in our basic online ordering system:

  • Enrollment is a crucial initial step in gaining the allegiance of a fresh client. Users can register for a new account using a social signup (such as Google, Facebook, etc.) or by entering their login and password.
  • Personal profile: A user can access their profile after registering for your app. Order history, the opportunity to store preferred restaurants, meals, or orders, and previously saved payment methods can all be found on the profile.
  • Restaurant search: If your business is a chain of restaurants, let your patrons know which location is closest to them. You may provide clients the option to search by time, distance, etc. to narrow down the options. Each restaurant’s specific information, such as its address, menu items, specials, costs, and reviews from patrons, can also be included.
  • One of the most crucial aspects of any ordering app is orders. Let clients place orders conveniently and fast. Orders allow them to add, remove, and define the time of delivery of things. Additionally, our Restaurant Delivery Rider App Lahore, Pakistan gives them an order summary before them finishing their payment.
  • Payments: Our apps allow customers to pay for their orders once they have completed their orders. Processing payments is quick and safe. Several payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay/Android Pay, credit cards, and more, are available in our apps.

Additional Features


There are a few more additional features that we offer, and you can add them if you want:

  • Real-time tracking: Use a real-time tracker or push notifications to notify consumers about the progress of their orders.
  • Loyalty program: Give users incentives to increase loyalty. To keep customers using your app, you may, for instance, include various discounts, subscription choices, and referral schemes. Or, for every fifth order, you might provide complimentary delivery. 
  • social media integrations:Users may post images of their cuisine by connecting their social media accounts using social media integrations.

Gaining new clients and keeping existing ones is the aim of a meal delivery app. The ease with which consumers may peruse offerings, place orders, make payments, and pick up their meals is therefore essential. Increase customer loyalty to your business by providing more features or incentives that CherryBerry RMS offers.


Restaurant Delivery Rider App Features for Restaurant Managers


The functions listed below are included in the restaurant-focused app or interface:

  • Material management features: Your app should make it simple for you to maintain all of the material. This includes your menu, ingredients, photos, prices, special offers, and other pertinent data.
  • Order management: The employees at your restaurant have to be able to view incoming orders and modify the status of existing ones. Additionally, turn on real-time notifications for orders that are delivered, cancelled, and finished.
  • Notifying the client or courier that an order is available for pickup or is en route is known as cross-interface communication.

An app designed specifically for restaurants aims to transfer order information from the client to the restaurant in an efficient manner. 


Features of Restaurant Delivery App for the Riders


CherryBerry RMS offers the following features for the delivery drivers:

  • Sign up/log in: It provides couriers with an easy way to create an account by using a password or other authentication method.
  • Order status and pick-up management: This gives couriers a list of all the orders that are available, together with specifics about each one (such as the size, anticipated delivery time, and any other information), as well as the locations for drop-off and pick-up. Real-time order tracking statuses, including placed, accepted, in process, refused, and cancelled, are also there. We ensure that push notifications or comparable services may be used to promptly notify users of order statuses. Couriers can schedule a delivery that they wish to do. They can browse among the available orders, filtering by pertinent information (time, distance, etc.). 
  • Cross-interface communication: When a courier is heading to drop off an order or pick it up from the restaurant, they should be able to update the status of the order to let the customer know.

You can also have these additional features:

  • Account history: Allow drivers and couriers to record client information and verify completed deliveries.
  • Loyalty programme: Give drivers and couriers incentives or rewards for encouraging friends to use the app to place orders or sign up as drivers themselves. This is a fantastic method to raise brand awareness and guarantee brand loyalty.



Consider how frequently smartphones and tablets are used worldwide. It’s time to create a Restaurant Delivery Rider App Lahore, Pakistan!

If you’re considering creating a meal delivery app, be sure to think through every detail. You should also keep the needs of your users in mind. Learn more about our experience developing software for restaurant owners if you’re not sure where to begin or need guidance and resources about the creation of on-demand food delivery apps. It is best to get your app developed by CherryBerry RMS as it offers the features mentioned above and much more.