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How Call Center Management System for Restaurants Makes a Difference?


The Call Center Management System for Restaurants is gaining popularity with each passing day. They may assist eateries in better managing the time of their hosts, freeing up internal personnel to concentrate on the visitor experience.

Representatives from outside call centres can assist:

  • Make bookings.
  • Online purchases
  • Orders placed via drive-through
  • requests for catering
  • Reservations for a special event

For eateries, particularly those who are finding it difficult to meet the rising demand for take-out and delivery orders, this might be a very affordable alternative.

We’ll go over the many methods restaurant call centres may boost productivity in restaurants in this blog article.


4 Ways Call Centers Make a Difference for Restaurants


1 – Answering Phones to Place Orders for Food

Takeaway and delivery have seen a 13% growth in market share since restaurants began aggressively pushing online ordering a few years ago.

However, almost 90% of visitors still choose to purchase takeout or delivery over the phone.

The primary motivation for pushing online ordering among restaurant patrons is cost savings through less employee labour on-site.

However, ordering online has the drawback of not always improving the experience for customers or visitors.

For instance, the majority of people lack the technological confidence to order takeout on their own. For some people, there’s nothing more reassuring than a live, sympathetic person taking their order and answering the phone.

2 – For Ordering Via Drive-thru


Customers find drive-thru ordering to be a handy and well-liked method of placing restaurant orders.

For restaurants, though, it may also be expensive and time-consuming.

Drive-thru ordering may be made more efficient by call centres via:

  • Ordering over the phone: Orders can be placed over the phone and sent to restaurant employees via call centre representatives. This can allow up internal staff members to concentrate on other duties, including making meals and servicing patrons.
  • Speech recognition technology: Call centres can take phone orders by use of speech recognition technology. This might cut down on order-taking time even further while increasing order accuracy. 
  • With a call centre management system, customers can place orders on time. This is possible by integrating with mobile ordering apps. By enhancing the client experience, it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to process orders.

Call centres also help with drive-thru orders by lowering the cost per order.

This is because call centres for restaurants may employ technology to expedite the order-taking process, and their agents may be paid less than internal workers.


3 – Accepting Bookings for Restaurants


Call centres may enhance the dining experience for patrons in a variety of ways, such as:

  • They provide tailored assistance to help customers choose the perfect table for their event. It also helps to meet special needs and answer any questions customers ask about the menu or your restaurant. 
  • This system makes it simple for customers to make reservations as it offers 24/7 availability of reservation methods. These include over the phone, online, or through a mobile app.
  • Exhibiting flexibility in responding to demands from clients, like changing reservations or locating a table with a larger gathering than anticipated.

4 – Catering for Restaurants

Call centres may be a valuable resource for restaurants looking to enhance customer satisfaction and manage catering requests.

Call centres can assist with catering orders in the following ways:

  • Ordering: Call centre representatives can accept catering orders by phone, web, or mobile application. This can allow up internal staff members to concentrate on other duties, including making meals and servicing patrons.
  • Answering inquiries: Contact centre representatives can respond to inquiries from clients on the catering menu, costs, delivery, and setup. This can assist clients in making well-informed choices regarding their catering requests.
  • Personalised service: Contact centre representatives may collaborate with clients to develop a unique catering menu that suits their requirements and price range. Customers may also make any unique requests and manage delivery and setup with their assistance.
  • Resolving Problems: Call centre representatives may collaborate with the client to swiftly and effectively address any issues that may emerge with the catering order.

How Should Your Restaurant Choose Its Call Center?


Here is a step-by-step guide to choosing the best phone system for restaurants:

  • Examine your needs: When setting up communication for a restaurant, take into account the number of calls received, the number of extensions, online ordering integration, reservation management, and other operational requirements.
  • List the essential characteristics you require: Call forwarding, call routing, call recording, voicemail, automated attendants, interaction with ordering or reservation platforms, and any other services specific to your restaurant’s needs might all fall under this category.
  • When selecting a phone system for your restaurant, keep scalability in mind. This will allow you to handle future development without having to make major changes or incur additional costs.
  • A phone system’s installation, subscription, and other expenses should be budgeted for. Compare the possible advantages to the return on investment, taking into account things like enhanced customer service, cost savings, and operational performance.
  • Examine the literature and obtain suggestions: To assess phone systems, consult trade forums, reputable sources, and businesses that are comparable to yours. 


Call Center Management System for Restaurants may help restaurants increase productivity and provide better customer service.

Employees can concentrate on other duties by outsourcing phone operations. Call centres can collect orders and reservations, offer 24/7 customer assistance, and respond to inquiries.

By linking systems like POS, reservations, and CRM, phone integration software may help improve operational efficiency. The ideal solution is determined by the unique requirements of a restaurant. Choose CherryBerry RMS to offer all these benefits and much more to your restaurant.