Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System

The Cloud Based Point of Sale System has transformed the ways of dealing with potential customers and replaced the traditional cash registers and stationary credit card, readers. Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System ensures smooth and efficient operation and allows restaurateurs to keep an eye on their business anywhere, anytime. When it comes to customers, Restaurant POS System has made the transactions process faster as well as streamlined the sales, payments, and inventory.

What a Point of Sales System is?

In a cloud-based POS system, data is stored online on remote servers that can be accessible even after a serious shutdown. One of the most convenient things about this system is that it can store all sales data automatically. The restaurateurs can track this data from anywhere around the globe to take inventory and handle procurement decisions. The frontend interfaces of the Restaurant Point of Sales System include tablets and touchscreen monitors whereas backend interfaces can be accessed by using any web browser.

Latest Generations

Latest POS system has the functionality to integrate with many devices. For example, waitstaff can take the guests orders on tablets and send them to the kitchen so chefs can timely prepare the food. Some restaurants also display the floor plans to guide the guests to their allotted sitting area. Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a digital menu board to route orders and organize food items. This system has replaced the paper tickets and is connected to the Restaurant Point of Sales Software.

New generation POS System stores data on remote servers so they didn’t need to be installed. These systems also crashed like traditional systems but data will remain safe over the internet. Even if the hardware fails, it still doesn’t have any impact on store data because; in the latest systems, data is stored over the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System

The shift from traditional POS system to cloud-based POS system shows how automation has transformed and revolutionized the restaurant industry and Restaurant Management System. This system has reduced the operation costs and alleviates the need of hardware setup and its maintenance. On-site servers are not required because the latest system is internet-based.

  • Easy Software Updates: Cloud-based POS Software doesn’t have any lagging issues and they automatically update after a new feature or version of software launch.
  • Provide Access to Real-Time Data:  Restaurant administration can access real-time data using their smartphones regardless of the location factor. This system allows them to track inventory, make analysis and procurement decisions to boost up their business.
  • Highly Secure: Latest POS systems are highly secure because all data is stored in the cloud. Hardware failure has no negative impacts on business as stored data can be accessed after logging in to a new device. POS providers also ensure that security updates in the software are automatically upgraded.
  • Offline Mode: This system offers the offline mode to continue the restaurant operation and when the connection restores then data sync on the cloud.

Cherry Berry RMS offers a Cloud-based POS System for restaurants so they can manage their entire sales task effectively and easily. It allows management to make amendments in the menu and price list from any device, anywhere with Restaurant POS Solution. Restaurateurs can monitor the sales data of their multiple branches and can do analysis for further decisions. So call us today to take your restaurant business to the next level.