Mobile App for Restaurants in Lahore Pakistan

Top 9 Features of Our Mobile App For Restaurants


It is possible to broadly categorise all Mobile App for Restaurants in Lahore Pakistan into two groups:

  • Tasks carried out within the eatery, such as order taking, are made simpler by POS terminals that automate kitchen activities
  • Applications for restaurant customers, including different electronic menus, websites for making reservations, ordering meals, etc.

After working in the restaurant app development industry for many years, CherryBerry RMS has determined the top nine features that they include in their restaurant applications. These are present in both mobile and web-based. They simply increase revenue and improve customer experience.


1 – The Menu


Probably the most crucial component of any restaurant app is the menu. Here, every little thing matters, from the quality of the photos to their utility. Both the food and the images we include are of a professional appearance. The menu layout is intuitive and simple to use. When a user sees a wide array of items, they just become confused and are more inclined to make a sandwich than to browse the menu and select many options.

Convenient filters are another crucial component of an electronic menu. They enable the customer to locate the ideal dish with speed. Additionally, you may select your preferred foods and beverages for easy one-click ordering.


2 – Enabling Online Food Delivery


When individuals really do not have enough time to cook at home or go to a restaurant, one of the most popular services these days is undoubtedly meal delivery to your house or place of business.

Our apps aid in automating the tasks of courier deliveries, kitchen staff, and cashiers. Additionally, by using job analysis from employees, you can monitor productivity and enhance your offerings.

When a consumer uses the app to order food, for instance, the manager receives the data, validates the order, and sends it to the kitchen. The order is taken in by the chefs for processing, and once it is ready, it is delivered by the courier. The consumer can pay for their purchase online or with cash after the courier arrives at the designated location. The customer will receive notification that their delivery has arrived.

This allows us to fully analyse the time and performance of every restaurant staff, as well as gauge how effectively their work is being done. Additionally, guests can provide comments on their orders, which will draw in additional business.


3 – Extension of Reservation Waiting Time, Reminders for Table Reservations


According to statistics, individuals hardly ever make reservations in person at restaurants. Instead, they phone, utilise the internet, or download a mobile app.

The following features are included in an app for booking tables:

  • Select a table (by the window, for example), and it would be ideal if the restaurant was diagrammed so you could select whatever table you like;
  • In the event that a visitor is running late, extend the reservation waiting period;
  • Modify or cancel a reservation. The app eliminates the inconvenience of calling a restaurant to cancel a reservation when it’s not convenient to do so.

The proprietor of the restaurant may also welcome one more customer in this case. 

It’s a good idea to place food orders in advance when making a reservation at a restaurant. 


4 – Pre-order and Include Special Cooking Instruction


Most likely, you’ve waited too long in a restaurant for your food. You may prepare ahead of time and have your food ready to go when you arrive by placing an order in advance. The intentions of the dish’s preparation serve as another helpful feature.

For instance, if someone is on a diet and cannot have carbohydrates, there is a fried duck with rice on the menu, but no other meal without them. The visitor has the option to add extras of their choosing, switch out the dish’s sauce, or request that the duck be cooked and served without rice. It functions like a meal constructor.

Although it seems like a pretty basic function, it provides users with precisely what they desire. 


5 – Rating Food and Evaluations


In our experience working in the restaurant industry, first-time diners frequently struggle to decide what to eat that would be both enjoyable and healthful. They ask for specifics when they phone the waiter because of this. When selecting food, the reviews and ratings area is helpful, particularly if it’s your first time placing an order at the restaurant.


6 – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


A guest’s past orders can be used to identify patterns and anticipate the meals on the menu they are most likely to select and order initially.

Additionally, by using this function, the restaurant may better understand the tastes of its patrons and either add new meals to the menu or eliminate less popular ones.

Additionally, by analysing the time of the restaurant visit, you may send a message or offer a deal on a certain dish when customers are most likely to place an order. CherryBerry RMS offers these features in its Mobile App for Restaurants in Lahore Pakistan. 


7 – Payment With a Separate Cheque


Everyone has had the experience of having to divide the bill and figure out how much to pay while ordering food for a group at a restaurant. By incorporating individual payments for each visitor, this issue may be resolved.

There are two ways that this function can be included in this situation.

Initially, once you place an order, you may go to the cart, pick an item from the list, and group the purchase for one person. The programme will then split the bill among many users automatically.

The second is that, if every visitor has the app, they may select or add their order to the general check. Then they have to scan the QR code and use the app to pay just for their purchase.

This is a really practical feature that helps you save time.


8 – Loyalty Programme


If you have our restaurant app, you may provide regular discounts for returning customers. You can also notify them when there are new dishes or specials.

Additionally, there is technology that enables you to notify passersby about a restaurant.

There are several strategies and approaches for creating a loyalty programme. They will be really attractive to your consumers to participate in.


9 –  Push Notifications


Push notification enables you to notify the customer when their order arrives at the delivery address in addition to reminding them about their table reservation. A note about an impending event, such as Valentine’s Day, is also included, along with an invitation to reserve a table in advance and receive a discount.

A push notification is like a little brochure that informs you about upcoming events, deals, and newly added menu items. However, with the distribution of this flyer, you may notify your customers and guests in as little as two minutes, negating the necessity for a print advertisement.




Having a Mobile App for Restaurants in Lahore Pakistan for your restaurant will make you stand out from the other comparable eateries in your neighbourhood. Additionally, it will boost customer convenience and loyalty, which will accelerate the long-term expansion of your business. Choose CherryBerry RMS today for the development of the restaurant mobile app. It offers the above-mentioned 9 features and much more!