Restaurant kitchen management system

How To Choose The Best Restaurant Kitchen Management System?

It might be very difficult to select the best restaurant kitchen management system. Numerous services exist, all vying to be the greatest. When looking for your next software integration, there are a few key considerations that must be made.

Features You Need To Have In The Restaurant Kitchen Management System

There are a few additional functions that most restaurateurs are unaware even exist, but they are quite basic features like simple integration, order tracking, and menu administration! Let us now examine the essential characteristics that you should consider while choosing the finest kitchen management software for your eatery.

1 – Order Monitoring for Delivery

Online ordering and delivery are here to stay, as we all know. Although it was a trend at first, the COVID-19 epidemic altered many aspects of the restaurant business, and this is one of the biggest changes that will remain. To make sure you can keep your customers satisfied, you must be aware of where and when your orders are. You already know what I’m about to say if you’ve attempted to wade into the world of third-party delivery. Having a top-notch middleware/software arrangement for kitchen management will guarantee that this problem is resolved. And it connects to integration, which is our next topic.

2 – Integration Without Effort

When choosing the best kitchen management software, this is essential. Integrating with them all offers a significant benefit, and it must be simple. Your time to spend on the most important portions of your business will decrease the more time you save setting up secondary and tertiary parts of your business (software, paperwork, etc.). Thus, to save time and simplify your life, obtain a kitchen management program that is easy to use.

3 – KPI and Statistics Monitoring With Restaurant Kitchen Management System

KPI and statistic tracking that is simple to use and intuitive is the best kind of kitchen management software. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are some of the most important measures of the health of your company. Gone are the days of laboriously writing handwritten notes in a dimly lit office when you have a top-notch kitchen management system. Every one of your company’s most important performance metrics will be monitored by the greatest kitchen management software program. The majority of high-end kitchen management software solutions will monitor the following KPIs:

  • Cost of Goods Sold, or COGS, is the total amount of expenses incurred over a month after deducting beginning and final inventory from purchases made during the previous month.
  • Food Wastage: Keeping an eye on your inventory will help you determine what sells and what doesn’t.
  • RevPASH (Revenue per Available Seat, per Hour): Monitor your performance over predetermined periods and utilize the data. Use this to adjust labor, run promotions, or even modify your operating hours to optimize profits and minimize losses.

While there are far too many more KPIs to monitor, these are all very important to remember when purchasing.

4 – Recipes & Menus

Your recipes and menus keep the doors open, the foot traffic coming in, and sometimes even the Back of the House in disarray. Digitize that menu to store everything in one convenient location and prevent that confusion! Online ordering and having an online menu greatly helps in this regard. You may make necessary changes to any or all of your menus from a single location using a top-notch kitchen management software system. Having your menu easily accessible impacts several aspects of your business, including when and how much labor you schedule to produce the menu each day, and how well you can arrange your inventory. Ultimately, a restaurant wouldn’t exist without a menu, would it?

Why therefore would you choose a RESTAURANT kitchen management system that does anything other than make it simple to keep an eye on and adjust your menu as needed?

5 – Task Management

Many times, chefs and old-school owners overlook the fact that your kitchen software can now handle several activities that were previously assigned to management. It is now possible to manage cleaning duties and preserve food safety and temperature checks. You can have clear procedures for handling emergencies (like a kitchen fire) all in one location. These days, they can all check in and see what needs to be done via your smoothly connected kitchen management software.

6 – The restaurant Kitchen Management System Is Easy To Utilize

It is imperative that whatever software you choose for kitchen management is easy to use. The system must be simple enough for everyone to comprehend if you want it to function as well as possible, even though you and your GM might be able to figure it out. It works on the same principle as POS shopping.
While some point-of-sale (POS) systems are extremely user-friendly, others are so complicated that it’s obvious the folks who designed them have never worked in the service sector. It is therefore always preferable to have a system that is easy to use. You can still spend the time to train and educate each crew member to comprehend it. It’s also important to keep in mind that training can be costly. Every minute you spend training staff members to utilize this new system is time that could have been spent preparing meals, tidying the lobby, or doing a thorough walk-in cleaning. Over time, using kitchen management software that is intuitively designed and streamlined can save you money.

Choose The Best Restaurant Kitchen Management System Today!

While looking for a new restaurant kitchen management system, look for capabilities. These include task management, KPI/statistic tracking, menu/online order tracking and administration, and easy-to-use integration. Cherryberry RMS, fortunately, provides all of this and more, along with first-rate customer support, committed assistance, and affordable prices. 

Choose the best for your restaurant today!