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Easy Steps To Set Up Online Ordering App For Restaurants

It’s not easy to run a restaurant, especially when you’re trying to balance everything at once. From answering phone orders for takeout to supervising staff, advertising your company, and all in between. No one ever starts a restaurant to face all these issues. Fortunately, there is a fix for you. Use an online ordering app for restaurants to relieve some of your workload rather than managing everything manually. However, what is the purpose of an online ordering system and what are the advantages of putting one in place?
You can take online food orders straight from your mobile app by following our advice on how to set up online ordering for restaurant operations.

Online Ordering App For Restaurants: What Are They?

A restaurant’s online ordering system is a system that lets patrons request meal delivery from the restaurant online. A website or mobile app that lets users browse menus, place orders, and pay can be an example of this. For restaurant operators, an online ordering system provides a plethora of features, including the ability to measure sales, handle and process incoming online food orders, establish marketing campaigns, and design your online menu.
Customers may place orders quickly and simply online with the help of an online food ordering system, which can also help restaurants manage orders more effectively.

Steps To Get Started With Online Ordering App For Restaurants

Here are simple steps to setting up the online food ordering system.

Step 1: Register With Cherryberry RMS

Are you set up to take orders online? Check out the Cherryberry RMS and download the web or mobile app to set up online ordering for restaurants.
After that, proceed with the in-system instructions to configure the online food ordering system so that customers may place their orders online.

Step 2: Include Prices And Menu Items

Before you add dishes, decide how your menu will look to best represent your business. If your restaurant already has a website, you must complete this step.
Are you prepared to begin taking orders online? To enable online meal ordering, add your menu items, prices, descriptions, and images to your website.
Make sure your photos are of good quality since once you upload your dishes to the system, customers will be able to order them online. Make sure your descriptions are precise so that customers know exactly what they are getting.

Step 3: Configure Delivery Areas

Is delivery available at your restaurant? If so, you must let your clients know which areas are your delivery zones. Customers should be aware of your ability to deliver to their location when they place an online purchase and choose the food delivery option.
To demonstrate to potential customers the regions in which you can provide online meal delivery, use the delivery zone creation tool. Moreover, depending on the zone, you might add additional costs for your delivery service.

Step 4: Include Details About Your Eatery

Make sure you include important details about your restaurant when creating an account for online ordering.

  • Address of the restaurant: Include your restaurant’s address so customers can get in touch with you immediately.
  • Details of contact: Provide your contact information so that customers may reach you with ease.
  • Working hours: You can choose distinct hours for delivery, pickup, or reservations. Add the restaurant’s working hours.

This data will be displayed on the webpage you made with Cherryberry RMS.

Step 5: Choose A Method For Online Payments

Make sure to include your payment options when creating your account so that customers may place orders easily and without any unpleasant surprises.
Thanks to Cherryberry RMS’s POS system connectors, you may accept payments without installing any external platforms.

Step 6: Create Your Online Presence With Online Ordering App for Restaurants

Without your website, an online ordering platform is incomplete. Use the Cherryberry RMS restaurant website builder to create a branded website that will allow customers to access all the information they require in one location. You don’t need to search for outside online website builders to customize your website; just pick from a variety of restaurant website designs. You can omit this step if you already have a website.

Step 7: Integrate Your Website With Online Ordering

To give customers a simple online buying experience, link your online ordering page to the branded website you built. It’s convenient for both you and your clients that more and more customers are choosing to order food online. A customer can place an order directly from your website’s online ordering section, negating the requirement for two distinct apps. You can link your online ordering platform to any other websites you may have, such as a WordPress site or an independent website.

Step 8: Configure Your Mobile App

Your finest clients are those who are content with you. With a branded online ordering app, you can keep customers near your business. Using a restaurant app builder, create an online ordering app and customize its look to match your business. Ensure that you upload your logo, menu item photos, and any other information customers require for simple and fast online ordering.

Step 9: Set Up Table Reservation

Adding a tableside ordering option for your clientele who like to eat in might be extremely beneficial to your business if you provide in-house dining. Customers use the QR code to place online orders straight from their table, much like they would when ordering food online. Restaurants with a large number of in-house client traffic will benefit from this option. Arrange the quantity of tables you want, then create and print your QR codes. After that, place the codes in the relevant tables.
In this manner, when a consumer uses the QR code to place an order at their table, your order management system can identify which order it originated from.

Step 10: Advertise Your System For Online Orders

You’re all set to start promoting your website and online ordering platform now that they are operational. Start by urging customers to place online orders for quick and simple meal delivery by posting a link to your ordering website on social media.
Don’t forget to update your Google Business page with a link to your website, print flyers with a link to your online purchasing page, and put stickers with your URL on food delivery packaging. Remember to add a direct connection from your social networking networks to your online ordering page so that customers can place rapid orders.

Start Setting Your Online Ordering Apps For Restaurants

There is a strategy available for you, regardless of whether your goal is to maximize profit or prioritize ease of use above complete control. To assist you in selecting the ideal system for your needs, we have guided you through the steps to set up an online ordering app for restaurants. Now, contact Cherryberry RMS and get the right app for your restaurant!