Cloud Based POS vs Traditional POS: Which Ome is Better

Cloud Based POS vs Traditional POS: Which Ome is Better

A point-of-sale system is a platform that allows businesses to carry out transactions and payments, store data regarding customers, and use it to make business decisions. There are two POS systems at work; traditional and cloud-based. Today, customers demand flexibility to pay and request several payment options based on their convenience. Other than this, the robustness and efficiency of a POS system are also important as it influences not only the business but also customer satisfaction. Read this blog to find out why restaurants choose to use cloud-based POS systems over traditional systems. This blog post will navigate the changing trends leading to the discussion of cloud-based POS vs traditional POS.

Understanding Cloud-Based POS vs Traditional POS System

Cloud-based POS vs traditional POS system, an ongoing debate between the researchers and the business owners. For many years the POS was a cashier’s counter, and a cash register was maintained. Now, with the advent of newer and better technologies and tools, the very same POS has shifted to online platforms. The traditional POS system stored information on hardware with a staff member to always present at the site to collect, store, interpret, and retrieve data manually. Cloud-based POS, however, is a platform where all the data is stored on the cloud and requires minimum hardware. The storage, retrieval, and analysis of data is done automatically and with greater accuracy. There has been a sudden shift of interest from using traditional POS towards cloud-based POS. The shift is attributed to several benefits of the new system such as greater accuracy, better efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud-Based POS vs Traditional POS System: Navigating the Trends

The recent trends show a marked increase in the use of cloud-based POS systems by businesses, especially considering the restaurant industry. The importance of accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness has given an edge to this new system over the traditional system that has been used for thousands of years. Owing to increased digitalization and globalization, businesses now demand a system that is agile, robust, and technically competent with the changing dynamics. Another important factor associated with the increasing shift towards the use of cloud-based POS is the provision of inventory management services. Companies offer a cloud POS system that is capable of handling many different business operations and provides businesses the much-needed competitiveness and agility. Another factor is providing real-time data to business owners at any time from anywhere around the world. Today, the evolving dynamics have forged a major shift in business preferences. 

Importance of Using Cloud-Based POS Systems in Restaurants

Developed initially to facilitate the payment process, now the system offers a great many features and benefits. The system enables the staff to make orders directly from the restaurant tables to the kitchen, the chef can immediately start preparing the food. The POS system enables efficient and rapid generation of customer bills and offers customers options to choose from via making payments. The best thing perhaps is the flexibility it offers to every restaurant system. Each restaurant, depending on their way of operating can modify the system to suit their needs. A featureful and well-established POS system can offer inventory management services, table management, menu customizations, reservations, and other such services. Some of the benefits of using cloud POS systems for restaurants are mentioned below:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

The cloud-based system does not require any hardware, therefore lowering the overall operating and maintenance costs. The use of cloud software requires monthly payments that include the maintenance and update fees as well. Considering the benefits of the system, the cost of cloud systems is too low as compared to traditional POS systems.

  • Easy Installation

For restaurants that have always been using traditional systems, shifting to cloud systems could be a bit challenging owing to its technicalities. The installation and use, however, is very simple. Without any technical expertise required, the system demands only a bit of training that the software provider companies offer themselves.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

The cloud-based POS is highly flexible, offering the accommodation of changing business patterns. The software has the potential to mold to the needs of the restaurant and offer maximum benefits in facilitating every type of restaurant. With a growing business, the software facilitates growing data.

  • Better Reporting System

The system offers reports and analysis of data is a representable and interpretable form. The data is highly useful for decision-makers. The data offers insights into the business performance and highlights areas of improvement, which is not the case with traditional systems. 

  • Security

Using a cloud-based system offers better security to data than traditional systems. The software exercises multiple levels of security checks and has an integrated and sophisticated system of system protocols strengthening the security despite being online. 

Choosing the Appropriate Cloud-Based POS System for Your Restaurant

The decision to choose the appropriate POS depends on some important factors to consider. To help you decide from a variety of software options, the one that best suits your needs and keeps you ahead of the market competition, the following are some of the factors:

  • Featureful Design

The software must offer an array of features. This makes a POS as a platform fulfilling most of the important business needs. A POS can be integrated with other modules to facilitate various business operations. This integration would in turn improve business efficiency and agility.

  • Define Your Needs

Select software that best suits your needs and fulfills your requirements at a considerable cost. Identify your needs and then access the options available to make the most rational decision. 

  • Ease of Use

Choose a system that offers enhanced usability. A complex system is never welcomed anywhere. A system that is innovative, intuitive, yet easy to navigate and operate has a higher chance of getting applause. 

Join the Digital Revolution with Cherry Berry RMS

To conclude, there has been a major shift in the debate of cloud-based POS vs traditional POS systems for restaurants. The majority of restaurants today, prefer using cloud-based systems owing to enhanced accessibility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. Offering a one-stop solution to major business problems, cloud POS systems have been a huge success in the market. If you are still not using a cloud POS for your restaurant, you can consider the services of Cherry Berry RMS. Reach out to us and be a part of this digital revolution.