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    Website App

    Feast requesting applications are not just giving simplicity to the clients to reach to the café to arrange their preferred suppers it will likewise assist eatery with shifting their outstanding task at hand to the mechanized framework from human interfaced process. With the mechanization of requests, it will give an incredible scale-capacity to the eatery to oversee huge measure of requests and clients which can never be conceivable to do it truly.

    Smart Apps

    Our quick and easy to use apps provide customers with a new and exciting experience. It makes the process efficient and reduces the dependency on the staff members. The apps en It’s time to Say good Bye to traditional means of ordering.

    Cloud Based Restaurant POS System

    Cherryberry RMS provides a fully automated Cloud based POS System to Restaurants enabling them to carry out sales in a very simple and efficient manner. No Complex Installations! No System Maintenance!

    With everything online, you can easily add or remove items from the menu, make changes to pricings and promotions just with a few clicks using any Computer or Smart device. Easy and Efficient.

    Our system enables you to track and visualize every sale across every branch specifically by menu items and customers for any day, week or month.This way you can easily manage your deliveries.

    Complete Feature

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    Restaurant POS System

    Cherryberry RMS provides a fully automated Cloud based POS System to Restaurants enabling  ….Read More

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    Restaurant Call Center

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    Online Ordering Apps

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    Kitchen Management

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    Digital Media Marketing

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    Table Reservation

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    Delivery App

    Cherry Berry RMS is also going to provide an app to riders in which they will be able to see their ….. Read More

    back office

    Table Reservation

    Cherryberry RMS provides and entire ERP for the restaurant to run their back office operations that ….. Read More